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High Sensitive Fish Bite Alarm With Bright Light

High Sensitive Fish Bite Alarm With Bright Light

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1. The alarm sound is loud and clear, and the volume can be as high as 80 decibels, which can also be heard clearly from a distance.

2. When the alarm rings, the indicator flashes, and the blue/red light is visible at a long distance.

3. The blue/red high brightness warning light, which can be seen day and night when there is a fish flood with a buzzer, and the visible distance is about 150 meters.

4. The product is small, beautiful, reliable in quality, practical and full in function. It's very simple to use. Just clip it on the fishing rod and turn on the switch.

5. The center of gravity return force / micro-movement shall trigger the alarm device, which is more sensitive and can work normally when the fishing wire is very tight.




Battery:3x LR44 button battery


Type:Fish Bell/Alarm

Position:River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Beach Fishing

Package Included:

1x Fishing Bite Alarm


High Sensitive Fish Bite Alarm With Bright Light

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